Soft Silicone Mask Spacer for Easier Breathing (2-Pack)
This silicone spacer gently lifts your mask away from you mouth and nose, making it easier to stay active while staying safe

Soft Silicone Mask Spacer for Easier Breathing (2-Pack)

Origin: Designed in Seattle / Manufactured in China
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Give Yourself Some Breathing Room

Every once in a while we stumble across something that truly makes our lives better. Think long underwear, a second computer monitor, french press coffee, or Nutella. For anyone who walks, runs or is otherwise active while wearing their mask, we guarantee this silicone mask spacer is going to the top of your list. The material is soft and supple, with just enough structure to hold your mask slightly away from your mouth and nose, making it significantly easier to breathe. Best of all, the "wings" hold the mask bracket in place without compromising the seal. We could go on, but like Nutella, you really just have to try it for yourself.

Silicone Mask Spacer Features

honeycomb The honeycomb structure holds the mask away from your mouth without obstructing your airflow

softness The food-grade silicone material is so soft you'll bearly notice it's there

heart healthy Easier breathing means less strain on your heart

secure The spacer's "wings" fasten to your ear loops, so it won't take a tumble when you take off your mask

dry fabric Creating a space between your mouth and mask means the cotton material stays dryer, longer

adjustable Stretchy silicone fits Medium, Large and Universal-sized masks

Instructions on Using Your Mask Spacer (See Pictures)

Position the Spacer (Step 1)

The silicone spacer sits in the mask, with the triangular opening on top (the same side as the nose wire).

Pull the Ear Straps Through (Step 2)

Draw your mask's ear straps up through the opening in the spacer wings, then slide them through the respective slots on the top and bottom of each wing.

Adjust the Wings (Step 3)

Slide the edge of each wing onto the top and bottom edge of the mask. The slots will now act as grips on the fabric. Smooth the silicone strap so that it's flush with the surface of the mask.

Enjoy a More Comfortable Wearing Experience

Wear your mask just like you always do, and enjoy the benefits of better airflow and long-lasting dryness with this silicone spacer for your Puraka mask.

Washing Instructions

Wash the silicone mask spacer gently by hand with soap and cold water. Air dry.

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