Client Testimonial: Health Services Administrator

As the Health Services Administrator for Bayview Retirement Community in Seattle, Washington, it is with great pleasure I write to review Puraka Masks. Bayview is a 62-year and older, Life Plan Community which serves the greater Seattle area with five different levels of care. From Independent Living, Assisted Living, Assisted Memory Care, Skilled Nursing Care, and Child Development, Bayview has over 200 community members, and over 200 employees.

In late February, Washington and specifically Kirkland became one of the original “hot-spots” at the inception of the Pandemic. As Bayview is located less than 15 miles away from the facility that drew national attention to the pandemic, it was evident a drastic change of infection control strategy was needed at Bayview to keep the virus out of the Bayview Community. Although personal protective equipment, (especially facemasks) was in very short supply, Bayview was able to partner with Puraka Masks, a Seattle based company originally founded to combat wildfire smoke pollution, to obtain an adequate supply of high-quality, fabric particulate masks. Before “Universal Source Control” became common terminology, Bayview quickly adopted the consistent use of facemasks for all staff, then shortly after all community members, as an effective strategy to mitigate the risk of exposure of COVID- 19.

Puraka continues to provide products and services to meet the needs of our community members and staff. As more information about the characteristics of COVID-19 came to light, Puraka was able to quickly respond and retool equipment to continue to provide a lighter-weight, active style mask with filter continuing to keep our community safe. Our staff also utilizes a Puraka UV Sterilizer Box to sanitize the surface of their masks and other small sized personal effects.

To date, Bayview community members remain COVID-19 free. Bayview has not experienced any inter-facility transmission of COVID-19. There is no doubt in my mind the decision to partner with Puraka masks is the single largest reason why our community members remain safe to this day. Thank you Puraka!

Joel G. Smith, NHA
Health Services Administrator
Bayview Retirement Community

"There is no doubt in my mind the decision to partner with Puraka masks is the single largest reason why our community members remain safe to this day."

Client Testimonial: School Nurse

Our parents and teachers love Puraka masks! They properly fit all our age ranges from our littlest ones in Nursery to our adult staff. Everyone loves the 100% breathable cotton, 3 layer masks with filter pockets. The adjustable nose bridge, ear loops, and choice of child or adult sizing creates a comfortable and secure fit.

Many of our teachers and parents have already purchased additional masks directly from the website. Some even bought them for their older adult children. They all appreciate the fit, quality, and safety Puraka masks provide! This family-owned business provides impeccable customer service and offers custom designs for schools and businesses.

Stacey Bailey, BS, RN, NCSN
School Nurse | Middle School Health Teacher
Washington Episcopal School

"[Our teachers and parents] appreciate the fit, quality, and safety Puraka masks provide."

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