The Essential Winter Mask - Light Gray
Essential Winter Mask - Side

The Essential Winter Mask - Light Gray

Product Features:
  • Fabric: Lining: 100% Cotton | Shell: Cotton/Polyester Blend
  • Layers: Three
  • Nose Wire: Yes
  • Adjustable Ear Loops: Yes
  • Fit: True to Size
  • Protective Lining: Fleece & Apertured Polypropylene
Origin: Designed in Seattle / Manufactured in Europe

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Comfort from the Cold

A cold-weather essential. Warm but lightweight, these Winter Masks are the best way to stay cozy while staying safe with the fine-aerosol filtration of fleece and Puraka's polypropylene liner. Includes a pocket for optional carbon pm2.5 filters!

Winter Mask Features

Lightweight fabric 100% cotton fleece provides fine-particulate filtration with superb air flow and comfort

Inner-layer protective inner layer of breathable, moisture-resistant polypropylene

Filter Pocket Includes a pocket for an optional carbon pm2.5 filter

Ear-StrapAdjustable ear straps for near-universal sizing

Mask Makeup Blocker Foundation-friendly beige lining minimizes visibility of makeup and other stains

Nose-clipNose clip for improved seal and less fogging of your glasses

FittedExtends under the chin for a better fit and appearance

What makes the Puraka system work?

We Know Masks | Puraka is an American company based in Seattle, Washington, founded in 2018 after the West Coast wildfires. We serve on the ASTM committee that developed the national standard for protective face coverings, and we test to ensure our masks exceed the recommended filtration levels. In short, we have the experience to know how to make a great mask, and what to look for in a filter.

More Filtration, Less Discomfort | Puraka Masks are designed for enhanced, every-day protection suitable for active or casual use. A Puraka Mask with our laboratory-tested electrostatic filters can reduce 90% of airborne particulates in the critical fine-aerosol range, much more than a typical cloth mask, but with significantly less inhalation resistance and discomfort than a medical respirator (learn more).

Our In-Stock Guarantee | A mask is not something you should have to wait for. Every product in our store is ready to ship from one of our U.S. fulfillment center, usually within one business day or less from when you place your order. We offer free ground shipping on any order of 2 masks or more, or you can upgrade to USPS First Class / Priority for only $5.

What goes in to Puraka's carbon pm2.5 filters?

meltblownMeltblown Fabric

Composition by Weight: 40%

Characteristics: High quality meltblown fabric is the most important part of a particulate filter. Non-woven fibers act as a physical barrier against microscopic particulates while also providing an electrostatic barrier to stop aerosolized nanoparticles.

spunbondSpunbond Fabric

Composition by Weight: 40%

Characteristics:Spunbond is a non-woven fabric that filters out larger particles, while providing structure to the inner meltblown layers.

Activated Carbon Activated Carbon Fabric

Composition by Weight: 20%

Characteristics: Activated carbon fabric traps particulates via a process called adsorption, and also serves as an antibacterial and deodorizer.

Important Safety Information

Not a Medical Mask

A Puraka Mask is not designed as nor intended for used as a substitute for medical face masks and respirators used in a healthcare setting. Although our PM2.5 filters are manufactured and tested to N95-equivalent standards, the masks are not appropriate for industrial use.

Testing & Certification

Our disposable PM2.5 filters are tested to meet multiple filtration standards, including the European Union's EN 149:2001+A1:2009 standard and China's GB2626-2006 KN95 material standards, functionally equivalent to the United States' N95 standard (the US does not provide certification for non-sealed respirators). Puraka also relies on independent laboratories to test, certify and verify that our filters exceed performance specifications.


The most important thing you can do to prevent catching (and giving) viral infections is to practice physical distancing, avoid touching your mouth and nose with your hands, and to wash your hands regularly. A facemask is not a substitute for any of these mitigation strategies. A facemask and carbon pm2.5 filter will be highly effective against water droplets carrying airborne illnesses. Fine aerosols in the sub-micron range will be reduced, but will not be completely eliminated.


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