Masks Now Tested to F3502, the Only Consumer Mask Standard Recognized by the CDC (Learn More)


More Than Just a Mask

You shouldn't need to worry about whether the air is safe to breathe before leaving your home. With Puraka's Smoke Signals alert system and pm2.5 Filter Delivery service, you won't have to.

Smoke Signals | Personal Air Quality Monitoring

Smoke Signals | Personal Air Quality Monitoring

Your Price: $19.95 for 365 days of monitoring

    Plan Details:

  • Daily Air Quality Monitoring:Included
  • Fitted Cotton Particulate Mask:Included
  • 5-Pack of Premium PM2.5 Filters:Included
  • Free Replacement Filters:Included*
  • Free Same-day Shipping:Included
  • Custom Alerts for Sensitive Groups:Included

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Smoke Signals AQI Monitoring
* If your area is impacted by wildfire smoke, Puraka will send a free packet of replacement filters to ensure you have filters on hand if there is another fire.

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