Mask Catcher Lanyard
A premium-quality "Mask Catcher" lanyard, designed and manufactured by Puraka

Mask Catcher Lanyard

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Designed in Seattle / Manufactured in China

Keep Your Mask Conveniently Close

When it comes to accessories, we follow a simple rule at Puraka: we only offer our customers products that we've tried, tested and love. This premium-grade Mask Catcher makes it easy to keep your mask close and accessible. You have plenty of things to keep track of... your mask doesn't need to be one of them.

What makes Puraka's Mask Catcher the best lanyard you can buy?

Inner-layer  Our double-hook design lets you wear your mask with the lanyard attached

Inner-layer  Super-soft and flexible straps for all-day comfort

Cotton  Durable plastic clips instead of metal prevents ear irritation

Fitted  Weighted straps keep the lanyard comfortable in place

Ear-Strap  Child-safe clips work as built-in breakaway

Nose-clip  Adjustable for the perfect fit for children or adults

Nose-clip  Making it ourselves means we can pass on the savings. As little as $2.99/each when you purchase three

Tips for Using Your Mask Catcher

Attaching the Clips

Attach the clips to the loop formed by your adjustable ear grommets. If you don't use the grommets, attach them to the bottom of your ear straps, as close to the mask as possible.

Adjusting for Fit

With the strap in front of you, adjust the clasp until it's about six inches from you neck, then flip the straps over your head so they are hanging behind you. This adjustment will keep the strap from coming loose when you take off your mask.

Flip to Eat

If you take your mask off to eat or drink, flip it around so the mask is behind you. We definitely recommend using the lanyard as a mask catcher, but not so much as a crumb catcher.

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