Ear Saver Mask Strap Converter (2-Pack)
Convert your mask's ear loops into behind-the-head straps. All ear savers come in blue.

Ear Saver Mask Strap Converter (2-Pack)

Origin: Manufactured in China
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Give Your Ears a Break

Convert your mask's earloops into an over-the-head strap with an Ear Saver. Perfect if you're wearing your mask for an extended period of time or during activities like running, skiing or other sports.

Instructions for Converting Your Mask Straps

  • Put On Your Mask | The Ear Saver straps are easiest to attach if you're already wearing your mask, so start by putting it on. If you have a larger head, we recommend removing the rubber stoppers on your ear loops.
  • Start With One Side | Lift the loop away from one ear, then draw it through one of the notches on the Ear Saver. The notches should be facing outward, away from your head.
  • Center the Saver | Pull the Ear Saver until it's centered on the back of your head. Keep tension with the strap that's attached, and hold the Ear Saver in place with one hand.
  • Attach the Other Side | With your other hand, lift the other loop away from your ear, and draw the end through the notch on that side of the Ear Saver. We recommend using the same notch on both sides (outer notch = outer notch / middle notch = middle notch / inner notch = inner notch).
  • Find the Right Notch | The raised notches are used to tighten or loosen the straps. Start with the outer notch, then move inward until you the mask is snug but comfortable.

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