Beeswax Fabric Mask Waterproofing Block
Beeswax is a natural water repellant that won't clog your mask's cotton fibers

Beeswax Fabric Mask Waterproofing Block

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Product Features:
  • Material: 100% Natural Filtered Beeswax
  • Weight: 1 Ounce / 28 Grams
  • Origin: Locally Sourced from Snohomish, Washington
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Waterproof Your Mask, Naturally

Beeswax is an exceptional material for naturally waterproofing your cotton fabric mask. Beeswax works by being absorbed directly into the cotton fibers, making the material waterproof without clogging the fabric. This provides the best of both performance and protection, ideal for winter sorts, exercising outdoors, or taking a brisk walk in the snow or the damp winters of the Pacific Northwest.

Product Features

honeycomb 100% natural filtered beeswax harvested by Washington State honeybees

softness Apply before activities or winter sports for all-day performance

heart healthy Beeswax makes cotton fibers water-resistant without clogging the fabric's natural pores

secure Non-toxic, with no additives or artificial chemicals

dry fabric The subtle scent of flowers and honey makes every breath a little bit heavenly

secure This 1-ounce block will last for dozens and dozens of applications. Beeswax does not spoil

dry fabric Locally sourced by Puraka from honey farms in Snohomish, Washington

Application Steps (See Pictures)

Step 1 - Select a Solid or Light-colored Mask

Start with a solid or light-colored fabric mask. We recommend one of our lightweight and breathable Active Masks.

Step 2 - Apply the Wax

Rub the cotton surface of the mask vigorously until coated. Start with a small area, then move on once you can see a whitish sheen coating the fabric. Apply extra to the seams and around the upper trim. Warm the beeswax block for 5-10 seconds first with a hair dryer for easier coating.

Step 3 - Treat with Heat

Using a hair dryer set to low, warm the mask. Move the dryer back and forth across the mask an inch or two away from the fabric. Continue until all of the whitish sheen from Step 2 has disappeared.

Step 4 - Inspect the Fabric

After treatment, the fabric should have a darker, warmer tone. The color of the mask should be uniform from top to bottom. To test that the cotton fibers are thoroughly prepared, run the mask ever-so-briefly under the faucet, shake it vigorously, then put it on and draw a few breaths. You should be able to breathe easily even if the mask appears wet. (Test it out by trying the same thing with a non-treated mask. You'll be amazed at the difference!)

Step 5 - Wash and Reapply

Wash your mask just like you would normally. If machine-washing, make sure to use a laundry bag so the wax doesn't rub against other garments. Re-apply again before use.

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