Masks Now Tested to F3502, the Only Consumer Mask Standard Recognized by the CDC (Learn More)

[Infographic Text: Smoke Signals Personalized Air quality Monitoring. More than 135 million Americans (41%) were exposed to unhealthy air during 2020. (Days when the air quality index, or AQI, was at unhealthy or worse). Exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) is associated with over 100,000 premature deaths per year in the United States alone. Short-term pollution caused by environmental factors like wildfire smoke is increasing. Last year, short-term wildfire smoke pollution impacted more than 54,000,000 Americans, an increase of more than 1,000,000 people from the year before. Region-days with AQI rated at least Unhealthy. You shouldn't need to worry about whether the air is safe to breathe before leaving your home. And with Puraka's proprietary Smoke Signals alert system, you won't have to. How Does the Service Work? 1 - When the air is unsafe to breathe, Puraka sends you an SMS Smoke Signals alert… personalized to your family’s unique situation and local air quality index score (aqi). 2- When you get an alert, make sure you wear your mask & pm2.5 filter whenever you spend more than a few minutes outside. 3- At the end of the day, discard your filter. 4- During periods of wildfire smoke or poor air quality, you can order extra filters, or we can even send them to you automatically! Did you know? Some people are more sensitive to air pollution than others. Children, Seniors, Pregnant Women, People with Heart or Lung Conditions. Member of a sensitive group? Puraka will automatically adjust your alert threshold to levels recommended by the EPA. Questions & Answers Q - How much does the service cost? A - All Puraka customers get one month of monitoring free with any purchase. Ongoing monitoring & alerts is available for only $1 / month per family. Monitoring is free for filter subscribers! Q - How do you track my air quality? A - We track your local air quality using the closest EPA monitoring stations to your location, based on your zip code. Q - How do I sign up? A - Existing customers can sign up on their account page, or via the link in your order confirmation email. Breathe Easy. Puraka.]

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