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Premium Adhesive Face Mask Filters with Peel and Stick Patch - No Pocket Required
Peel and stick filters with adhesive dots

Premium Adhesive Face Mask Filters with Peel and Stick Patch - No Pocket Required

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Manufactured in China by ISO-Certified Factory with PPE Accreditation


Each packet contains 5 filters and 5 adhesive dots

Supercharge Any Mask

Add a layer of enhanced electrostatic filtration to any mask, gaiter or face covering with these self-adhesive face mask filters. No pocket? No problem. This packet of five peel-and-stick filters come with small but mighty adhesive dots that hold the filters in place until you are ready to swap. The stick-on patches work on any fabric, don't leave a residue, and are practically odorless. The professional-grade melt-blown fiber, activated carbon and spun-bond polypropylene recommended by the CDC for use in COVID-recommended face masks work together to create a "static cling" effect laboratory tested to capture the smallest airborne particulates. For a mask to be effective, fine aerosol filtration is essential. It's time to make your mask work.

What makes a Puraka PM2.5 filter work?

More Protection, Less Discomfort | Puraka Masks + self adhesive mask filters are designed for enhanced, every-day protection suitable for active or casual use. Using a filter provides significantly more protection than a cloth mask alone, but with less inhalation resistance and corresponding heart strain than a professional respirator. Learn more.

We Know Filters | Puraka is an American company based in Seattle, Washington, founded in 2018 after the West Coast wildfires. Because we take safety seriously, we serve on the ASTM committee collaborating with the NIOSH division of the CDC to develop the national standards for COVID-recommended face coverings, and we work hard to ensure our pm2.5 filters exceed regulatory standards. In other words, we have the experience and know-how to make a filter that works.

Static Stops the Small Stuff | Your fabric mask might be effective at blocking larger particles, but fine aerosols are a different story. According to the CDC, particulates in the sub-micron range can remain airborne for hours, and because of their small size they tend to penetrate physical barriers easily. Fortunately, a peel and stick PM2.5 filter does an excellent job at trapping particulates of this size (approx. 99% standalone efficiency), making these inserts a must for effective filtration. Read more about fine aerosol filtration.

Our In-Stock Guarantee | Filters are not something you should have to wait for. These adhesive face mask filters are ready to ship from one of our U.S. fulfillment centers in as little as 1 business day from when you place your order. We offer free ground shipping on any order of 2 masks or more, or you can upgrade to USPS First Class / Priority for only $5. Sign up for our filter subscription service for free expedited shipping on all mask and filter orders!

Why choose stick-on mask filters from Puraka?

We take great care to ensure our filters are made of the highest-quality materials available. We require each filter to meet these standards:

Melt-blown  Melt-blown Fabric

Composition by Weight:  40%

Characteristics:  High quality melt-blown fabric is the most important part of a particulate filter. Non-woven fibers act as a physical barrier against microscopic particulates while also providing an electrostatic barrier to stop aerosolized nano-particles.

Spun-bond  Spun-bond Fabric

Composition by Weight:  40%

Characteristics:  Spun-bond is a non-woven fabric that filters out larger particles, while providing structure to the inner melt-blown layers.

Activated Carbon  Activated Carbon Fabric

Composition by Weight:  20%

Characteristics:  Activated carbon fabric traps particulates via a process called adsorption, and also serves as an antibacterial and deodorizer.

Important Safety Information

Not Suitable for Medical or Industrial Use

A self-adhesive mask filter is not designed as nor intended for used as a substitute for medical face masks and respirators used in a healthcare setting. Although our PM2.5 stick-on filters are manufactured and tested to N95-equivalent standards, the system is not sealed nor intended for industrial use.

Testing & Certification

Our PM2.5 disposable self adhesive face mask filters are tested to meet multiple filtration standards, including the European Union's EN 149:2001+A1:2009 standard and China's GB2626-2006 KN95 material standards, functionally equivalent to the United States' N95 standard (the US does not provide certification for non-sealed respirators). Puraka also relies on independent laboratories to test, certify and verify that our filters exceed performance specifications.


The most important thing you can do to prevent catching (and giving) viral infections is to wear a mask, practice physical distancing, avoid touching your mouth and nose with your hands, and to wash your hands regularly. A facemask is not a substitute for any of these mitigation strategies. A facemask and carbon pm2.5 filter will be highly effective against water droplets carrying airborne illnesses. Airborne virions travelling solo may be reduced, but will not be completely eliminated.

5 Stars
Passed the tests
My first shipment of PM2.5 masks passed both the H2O and Burn tests for authentic air-activated carbon filters. I'm reordering another shipment. Several shipments of PM2.5 filters that I purchased from e-Bay failed these simple tests and were clearly fakes, although they had 5-layer construction and looked absolutely real. Search YouTube for videos on how to test your masks for authenticity.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) . on 6/17/2020
5 Stars
We are very impressed with this economic, convenient subscription where we don't need to worry about having the right number of filters to keep our family healthy and safe. What impresses me is the automatic refills of high quality filters that will protect us during this scary time both now and in our near future as we venture back out into a world of viruses that create both long-term pain or death for anyone unfortunate enough to catch it. I don't have to worry if we have fresh filters as they will automatically arrive at our doorstep each month. I feel very secure and safe knowing we will have these masks with current, fresh filters whenever we need them to stay safe. Thank you!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) . on 5/13/2020
5 Stars
Quality Masks
I recently bought enough of these for four people to be able to wear one and then let it age for a day or two before using it again. I wore one for four hours straight the first day and then for another two hours that day. My wife also wore hers for the same and found it fit her also and was comfortable. These are well made masks. The design gives good coverage and doesn’t work its way up, or down as you talk so you don’t have to adjust it, which puts your hands in your face. The material is a nice tight weave. The workmanship is good too. The elastic band is thicker than some others I have seen. The rubber tube on the elastic bands allows them to be infinitely adjustable for comfort and snugness, and they stay in place. The wire in the nose bridge is thick enough that it holds its shape too. Once I got it shaped, I didn’t need to adjust it again. I bought these for the PM2.5 filter which works really well. Even without the filter though this is a three-layer mask. The filters are tested to N95 standard and are easy to insert because both sides of the pocket open. I feel comfortable wearing this and I feel comfortable about wearing it. It is a quality product with good coverage and a serious filter. I would buy it again. I also signed up for the monthly mailing of filters. I don't have to spend a fortune each time to get a huge batch, they will come as I need them.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) . on 7/3/2020
5 Stars
Verified BBB Review
We have been using Puraka masks since March when the pandemic became more widespread. We also signed up for the subscription to get replacement filters each month. With the subscription, the filters are very affordable. The masks are comfortable and the straps adjust easily for a better fit. One of my daughters has a more petite face and we ordered the small adult mask and it fit much better. It is easy to breathe, even through the filters, and you can change them out once you notice that it is getting a little harder to breathe. We love being able to wash our masks too.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) . on 9/7/2020
5 Stars
Verified BBB Review
The PM 2.5 filter gives more filtering and protection than an ordinary cotton mask. It generously covers the face & nose while the adjustable nose piece and ear strap makes the fit snug. Very reasonably priced considering the important filter! Great customer service!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) . on 10/9/2020
5 Stars
BIGGEST mask they sell, and GREAT after-sales support.
Can say enough about this company, their products, and their after-hours support from Rochelle. The few times I had issues, we fixed it up. Quick shipments for free , too. Have bought many masks and filters and subscribe to filters. Also take advantage of monthly specials, including extending my subscription to 12 months and up the level to 10 each month (filters) and that gave me a free UV light sterilization at no additional charge, SWEET!.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) . on 10/30/2020
5 Stars
Verified BBB Review
After searching the Internet for the perfect mask for months, and buying quite a few kinds that didn't quite work out, I found out about Puraka from my sister. I have bought the Workplace, the Summer, the Essential, and their filters. All are top-quality, with all the features I had been looking for: Adjustable nose wire, adjustable ear loops, middle layer of filtering material, pockets to insert PM.2.5 filters. Puraka's subscription program for fresh filters is so convenient. Customer service is great! And, they offer cute designs! Highly recommend!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) . on 7/16/2020

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